1. Select 5 suspects by clicking with your left mouse.
  2. Click the "Scan" button to see how many culprits are among the suspects.
  3. Try to deduct what attire culprits wear.
  4. If unsure change your suspect selection and scan again.
  5. Click the "Guess culprit rule" to enter your guess.
  6. Select the type of attire that you think is relevant for the rule and the specifics of that type.
  7. Click the "That's my guess" button to see if you're right.
  8. Think again or celebrate your victory!


Culprit Attire was made in three hours for the 51st episode of Trijam: The 3 hour game jam. The theme is "Who is the enemy?".


You are an inspector and have a marvellous machine at your disposal that can tell you how many culprits are among a given selection of suspects. Well, unfortunately the machine is just a prototype and can only work with five suspects at once, no more, no less.

Culprits, as anyone knows, love to dress alike. Specifically, all culprits share a preference for one specific type of attire in two different manifestations. No one knows why, but you don't care as long as you can use this habit to your advantage and lock them all away for good!

State of game

I had planned to include different difficulty levels, but I couldn't fit it into the three hours and only managed to finish the "easy" rule set. I might add harder difficulty levels later, but don't count on it.

How to play

You have to select five suspects by left clicking with your mouse on them. To deselect any selected suspect just click on them again. Whenever you have five suspects selected you can hit the "Scan" button to see how many culprits are among your selection.

At any time you can hit the "Guess culprit rule" button to open a dialog where you can enter the rule you think determines if a suspect is a culprit or not. In this game there are four types of attires: shirt, trousers, shoes and accessories. Each of them comes in four different variations: the first three in different colours, while accessories can be a hat, glasses, both or none.

For example, the rule can be "a red or purple shirt". That means that each culprit wears either a red or a purple shirt and that each person wearing a red or a purple shirt definitely is a culprit.


This game was made in Godot. The font, sound effect and music are the work of others:

See also the licence information included in the downloadable archives and linked on the web version's landing page for details.


Download 9 MB
Version 1 Jan 04, 2020
Download 9 MB
Version 1 Jan 04, 2020

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