Launch it like a pro! was made for ScoreSpace Jam #7. The theme was Gravity. In the game you play around with a little planet called earth and like to throw it around. Gravity hinders you to let it fly forever, but gravity also helps you to increase your throwing distance if you know how to use it.

How to play

The earth you'd like to launch into the air starts in a special area, marked by a white background. In this area there is no gravity, and only here you can accelerate the little planet yourself. To do so make sure the mouse cursor is inside the start area and click the left mouse button to pull the earth towards the cursor. The acceleration lasts as long as you hold down the mouse button. You can press, hold and release the button as you like to move the earth around. But as soon as the planet leaves the starting area completely, you cannot interact with it anymore.

The goal is to let the earth fly as far as possible to the right. Measurement starts once the earth passes the red starting line somewhere to the right. The distance travelled so far is displayed on the screen. If the planet hits the ground the measurement is done. Should earth travel too far to the left of hit the ground before passing the starting line your score is 0.

To make it more interesting there are three different devices installed for you to help you increase the earth can travel:

The Slingshot

The slingshot is a high gravity centre that pulls the earth towards it. Use it to accelerate the little planet, but be sure to also aim for the POWER button above. Hitting it disables the slingshot and prevents the earth being pulled back again.

The Cannon

The cannon is another earth accelerating device you can use. Aim for the POWER button in front of it to enable all the small gravity centres around the passage in the middle. Like the Slingshot the cannon's gravity centres will be disabled when the earth passes the ACTIVE buttons.

The Catapult

Unlike the other two devices the catapult does not have additional gravity centres. It it powered by a heavy weight, locked away by a pair of trapdoors. The trapdoors are operated by the little rotatable plank to the right of the starting area. Hit it with the earth so it spins clock wise and the trapdoors will open. If earth is positioned well on the catapult it will be tossed away.


  • Use your mouse and it's left button to accelerate earth inside the starting area.
  • Press R at any time to restart the game.
  • Use the mouse wheel or + and - keys to zoom in and out.


This game was made in Godot. The font, earth image, sound effects and music are the work of others:

See also the licence information included in the downloadable archives and linked on the web version's landing page for details.


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Version 1 Jan 06, 2020
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Version 1 Jan 06, 2020

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